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WIGWAM Online Radio DJs



Christian John
Wigwam is a radio station for people just like me and for people just like you. I will be playing lots of rock, metal and anything that I believe is good. And if I think it’s good then I’m sure lots of others will too! I will also broadcast shows for listeners with similar interests, from sports to live events and beer! Come and listen to Wigwam and feel free to let me know your thoughts & opinions

Mike Green
I have a pretty broad remit when it comes to the music I’ll be playing on WIGWAM. It will cover Indie, New Wave, Electro, Punk, Ska, Rock and anything you find in between. I’ll play stuff originating from any era, from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s right through to the modern day – as long as it sounds good then that’s all that matters. There will be a mix of classic crowd pleasers and more obscure tracks too.You can tweet me during my shows via @radio_WIGWAM .

Andrew Wilcox

I will  be playing some of my favourite tunes from the shed ranging from obscure covers of well know tracks to classic blues and rock, sometimes some odd stuff that will have you running for the door.Tweet me during my shows at either @radio_WIGWAM or @unclewilco

Peter Simmons

My show, Peteroy’s Greighties will play hidden 80s gems with a touch of cheese but not enough to grate. Nothing wrong with mainstream 80s music but there’s enough shows out there that cover that so mine is going to offer something a bit different where I rediscover forgotten tracks myself along the way.

If you want to take me on at the music quiz app Songpop 2, my username is wam_243453040. My speciality genre on there is 80’s ;-).

Tweet me during my shows at either @radio_WIGWAM or @Mr_Peteroy. I hope you enjoy listening to our shows.


Rory McDonnell
Ever thought what it might be as if you were on outside listening in? Don’t get fed that claptrap norm that you get from today’s media. This is completely new and refreshing. It will make you laugh, maybe cry – transporting your mind to a better place. I’ve got something for everyone. So put down your phones, switch off your tellies and make it Story Times – the smooth option available throughout the galaxy #Space Station.


Paul (the housewives’ choice) Griffiths
During my show I’ll being playing as much music as possible and keeping the chitchat to a minimum. My musical tastes are pretty varied but I will be playing lots of great rap and classic tunes all round!


Max Volume
The Maximum Volume/Flex Your Head Show is Punk Rock toasted to your perfection with slices of humorous interludes. It is a unique blend of old school punk, proto-punk, hardcore punk, psychobilly, rockabilly and garage rock you will never find on other radio programs.  Max makes the show unique by splicing funny sci-fi clips, hilarious interview audio clips, and irreverent audio clips between song segments.